Saint Paul’s


St. Paul School in Macomb was founded in 1902 under the guidance of a Pastor that wanted every Catholic child to have a Catholic education. This is still the driving force of our Pastor today. The Sisters of St. Francis operated the school and a hospital in the early 1900’s and remained at the school until the mid 1980’s. A devoted and faith-filled group of women and men have continued the academic excellence set forth by the nuns. St. Paul School is recognized within the community as a wonderful Christian choice of education. As the community sacrificed to complete a school building in the early 1900’s, generations of other families have worked to maintain, renovate, and sustain the Catholic school. The building is used by many organizations and we know our parish is thriving as the building and gym are in use almost every evening of the week by scouts, sports, Women’s Guild, Knights of Columbus, and parish activities.