How To Apply



An applicant ID number is issed by the Illinois Department of Revenue and is required on your project application.  It can take up to 72 hours to receive this number if you do not already have one. Make sure you have it prior to purchasing materials and filing out the Macomb/Bushnell Enterprise Zone Project Application at City Hall.

1.  Go to:

2.  Hover over the “Businesses” tab on the top menu bar

3.  Click the “Businesses Incentives Reporting” subset

4.  Scroll Down until you see “Building Materials Exemption Certification”

5.  Click the “Proceed to the BMEC Application” link

6.  Notice Screen: Read the directions carefully and click “Next”

7.  Getting Started: Click “Certificate Applicant” on the left hand side

8.  Click “Register Now!” in the green box if you have not registered

9.  Applicant Registration: Fill out the applicant registration information and click “Next”   
     Be sure to select the correct Tax ID Type from the drop down menu.

10. Once you have filled out the information your applicant identification number will be sent via email 
       from the Illinois Department of Revenue. This can take up to 72 hours.


You must have an applicant ID number, FEIN or social security number, and the cost of the project (broken out into labor and materials) prior to filling out a Macomb/Bushnell Enterprise Zone Project Application at the corresponding City Hall. You may be subject to a project application fee if the materials are over $5,000.  The fee must be paid at the time of signing and filing the project application of your application will not be processed and you will not receive incentives. 

1.  Make sure your project is located within the Macomb/Bushnell Enterprise Zone boundaries. 
     See the maps or call our office for verification (309) 837-4684

2.  Make sure you have obtained our applicant ID number from the Illinois department of revenue. 
      Reminder: this can take up to 72 hours to receive. 

3.  Make sure to have the total cost of the project broken out into labor and materials. 
      Please round to the nearest dollar. 

4.  Visit the corresponding City Hall (or the MAEDCO office if your project is outside city limits) to fill out a
      Macomb/Bushnell Enterprise Zone Project Application.
      Applications are not allowed to leave City Hall.  We must have an original signature on the application.

5.  Pay the project application fee if your project falls under the qualifications.
     Projects with materials over $5,000 will owe a project application fee.  This fee is 0.5% of the total cost of
     materials. Please make the check out to Macomb/Bushnell Enterprise Zone. If you do not pay the fee at the
      time of filing the project application, your application will not be processed and you will not receive the
      sales tax exemption certificate. 

6.  Building permit fees are waived in Macomb if you file a Enterprise Zone project application. 

7.  Your application will then be sent to the Zone Administation Office (MAEDCO) for further verification
      and processing. Once it has been
uploaded to the State of Illinois, the Building Materials
      Exemption Certificate (also known as the sales tax exemption certificate) will be emailed to the email
      on the application within 72 hours.
      The certificate will come from the State of Illinois NOT from City Hall or the Zone Administrator. If you have
      not received it, please check your spam accounts and then contact our office.  


1.  Effective July 01, 2019: All contractors and sub-contractors are required to pay a project application fee. The project application fee is 0.5%
     of the total cost of permanently affixed building materials (not to exceed $50,000). The fee will be charged for building material costs of
     $5,000 and above.  The fee will be waived for anything less than $5,000. The fee must be paid at the time of filing an application or your
     application and certificate will not be processed.  Therefore, you will not receive enterprise zone incentives.

$5,000 $25 $450
10,000 50 900
20,000 100 1,800
25,000 125 2,250
50,000 250 4,500
100,000 500 9,000
250,000 1,250 22,500
500,000 2,500 45,000
1,000,000 5,000 90,000
$10,000,000 $50,000 $900,000


2.  Any materials purchased before the issuance of certificate will not eligible. Each time materials are purchased, the purchaser must leave
     a copy with the seller to verify what was purchased, who made the purchase, and what project the purchase was made for.

3.  You must report to the corresponding City Hall or Zone Administration office when your project is completed.

4.  Illinois Law requires all Contractors and Sub-Contractors to file a Building Materials Exemption Report annually at:

    1. Scroll down to “Business Incentives Reporting”
    2. Click the red “Click Here To Begin Filing a Report”
    3. Notice Screen: Read the directions carefully and click “Next”
    4. Report Type: Click “BME Certificate Report” on the left hand side
    5. Select your “ID Type” in the yellow box. Fill in your selection.  Click “Next”
    6. Continue your report and submit when completed. 

Questions? Contact the Zone Administrator at: Macomb Area Economic Development Corporation… 309/837-4684